A/RES/54/258 B
Page 2
2. Expresses appreciation for the contributions and pledges received and, noting the current level of
the resources in the Trust Fund for Least Developed Countries: Core Project, looks forward to the rapid
disbursement of the funds being pledged;
3. Decides, as a precautionary measure, that should sufficient extrabudgetary resources not be
immediately available for the financing of the first session of the Preparatory Committee, use would be made,
on a provisional basis, of the contingency fund, on the understanding that the contingency fund would be
replenished by those extrabudgetary resources as soon as they were available;
4. Decides also to revert to the question of the financing of the second session of the Preparatory
Committee and the Conference itself at the fifty-fifth session of the General Assembly;
1. Welcomes the establishment of a Trust Fund for the Preparatory Committee for the high-level
international intergovernmental event on financing for development;
2. Decides that the expenses related to the travel and subsistence of the members of the Bureau of the
Preparatory Committee in relation to the consultations mandated in General Assembly resolution 54/279 of
15 June 2000 shall be met through the transfer, to the Trust Fund for the Preparatory Committee, of the
balance available in the Trust Fund for the Participation of Least Developed Countries in Intergovernmental

Encourages members of the Bureau to finance their own travel and subsistence where possible.
98th plenary meeting
15 June 2000

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