A/RES/53/12 B
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Recognizing the need for adequate support during all phases of peacekeeping operations, including the
liquidation and termination phases,
1. Takes note of the reports of the Secretary-General on the support account for peacekeeping operations,
in particular the performance report on the use of support account resources for the period from 1 July 1997 to
30 June 1998;4
2. Also takes note of the observations and recommendations contained in the report of the Advisory
Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions;3
3. Notes the initial efforts made in the implementation of the request contained in paragraph 7 of its
resolution 51/239 A and paragraph 14 of its resolution 52/248, and requests the Secretary-General to ensure full
compliance with the provisions of the present resolution;
4. Also notes that the backstopping activities for peacekeeping operations require ongoing reviews which
should take into account the overall evolution of peacekeeping trends;
5. Requests the Secretary-General to reflect the issues related to this analysis in his annual report on the
support account;
6. Also requests the Secretary-General to continue his efforts to avoid duplication, overlap and
fragmentation in all departments involved in the backstopping of peacekeeping operations;

Concurs with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee contained in paragraphs 3 and 4 of its

8. Notes the improvement in the format and content of the reports of the Secretary-General on the support
account, and requests him to make further improvements in accordance with resolution 51/239 A and the related
reports of the Advisory Committee;5
9. Requests the Secretary-General to adopt a standard format for support account reports in accordance
with resolution 53/208 B;
10. Invites the Advisory Committee to submit its reports in accordance with paragraph 12 of resolution
53/208 B;
11. Affirms the need for adequate funding for the backstopping of peacekeeping operations;
12. Reaffirms that the expenses of the Organization, including the backstopping of peacekeeping
operations, shall be borne by Member States and, to that effect, that the Secretary-General should request
adequate funding to maintain the capacity of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations of the Secretariat;




A/53/895 and A/53/901.

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